Luyện nghe và dịch tiếng anh (phần 1)

Mời bạn thử sức với trang này nhé có tổng cộng 90 bài free (Ban click chuột phải vào link ở dưới chọn Open in new window nhé !):

Chú ý:
Cài real trước để nghe ol:

Free Short Stories for Low Intermediate ESL Learners

1. New to America
2. A Haircut
3. The Yardman
4. Grab Your Umbrellas
5. Shopping for Bargains
6. Horses to Ride
7. Does Garlic Mean Garlic?
8. A Shower Injury
9. Pete’s Sharp Knife
10. Provider Overbills Customer
11. A Good Sandwich
12. Sara’s Upset Stomach
13. Please Marry Me!
14. Laundry Day
15. A Noisy Neighbor
16. The New Realtor
17. The Fire Alarm
18. Eddie’s Short Visit
19. Carbon Monoxide
20. A Visit to Asia
21. School Boys
22. The Loose Button
23. The Pile of Paper
24. Brushing and Flossing
25. Raising the Kids
26. A Clean Toilet Bowl
27. A Love Letter
28. Spock Saves His Dad
29. A Bird Attacks
30. A Daytime Robbery
31. The Motorcycle Rider
32. The Breakup
33. Famous Model Dies
34. Shopping Carts Everywhere
35. Four Slit Throats
36. Trick or Treat
37. A Jealous Girlfriend
38. Towns Hit by Snowstorms
39. Another Jealous Girlfriend
40. She Loves Her Son
41. The Doctor’s Exam
42. Hospitals Can Make You Sick
43. English Is So Hard
44. Hollywood Stars and Tourists
45. GEICO’s TV Lizard
46. Law and Order in LA?
47. Destruction of Iraq
48. Have You Seen This Man?
49. LA Traffic Report
50. LA Radio News
51. Trash Truck Misses Pick-up
52. Her First Driving Accident
53. Maybe You’re Not a Good Principal
54. I’ve Got You Covered
55. Paris Goes to Jail in LA
56. A Year with No TV
57. Let’s Buy Some Paint
58. I Need Water for My Clients
59. Putting Bunny to Sleep
60. Where Is That Darn Battery?
61. If You Really Love Me…
62. The Wedding Gift (1)
63. The Wedding Gift (2)
64. Does a Tiger Change Its Stripes?
65. There’s No Place Like an Open House
66. “We Could Have All Died!”
67. It’s the Thought that Counts
68. Who Ordered the Scallops?
69. You’re Not My Daddy
70. Let He Who Is Without Sin…
71. Shopping at the 99 Cents Store
72. Betting Big in Vegas
73. Priced to Sell!
74. The Handyman Comes
75. A Woman Has Needs
76. A Hot Day and a Cool Pool
77. Up, Up, and Away
78. Man’s Best Friend
79. Six Feet Under
80. An Unhappy Worker
81. Why the Sky Is Brown
82. It’s a Small World
83. Suspicious Shoppers
84. Death Is Part of Life
85. Tagger Shoots Woman
86. Crime on the Rise
87. Too Soft on Crime
88. Pluto Chases Kid
89. In Harm’s Way
90. “Semper Buy”

Còn nữa…


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